magnets life span

magnets life span
what is the life span of a magnet?

I think a magnet has a mind of its own. It could stay magnetic forever, it could lose it's net magnet moment, and then get it back one day. It could even abruptly change it's magnetic direction. The colder it is, the more stable it is. At a high enough temperature, all magnets will lose their [ferro] magnetic moment. If placed in a strong enough magnetic field, all magnets will surrender to the will of the field and change their magnetic moment to point with the field.

There really is no such thing as an oppositely charged magnet, since there really is no such thing as magnetic charge. Think of a magnet you hold in your hand as a bunch of little tiny microscopic magnets who like to succumb to peer pressure and point in the same direction as their neighbors, but because of thermal energy, are jiggling around and occasionally point in random directions. The higher the temperature, the harder it is for them to stay focused and work together. Sometimes gangs of tiny magnets, called regions, form and try to convince other gangs to point in their direction. All this is going on right in your hand.

You can watch the blue and the white regions duke it out on this Ising Model applet:

Play with the temperature
If white wins, it's a bar magnet pointing one way, if blue wins, the other way.

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